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Exterior Siding

We carry a broad line of vinyl siding and exterior cladding products. Our polymer and vinyl siding lines include CertainTeed Cedar Impressions, Cedarboards, Monogram, Main Street and Encore panels. Marvic also offers a complete line of CertainTeed vinyl accessory items.

Exterior Siding Partners

Vynil Siding

Built to last, vinyl siding boasts a robustness that endures challenging conditions, from storms to the relentless sun, ensuring that homes remain protected. One of the standout features of this siding is its minimal maintenance needs. With options like vertical siding, which lends a contemporary touch; lap siding, known for its traditional charm; and shake and shingle, homeowners have many styles to choose from. 

Certainteed siding
fiber cement siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is strong, beautiful, and built to last. Unlike other materials, it doesn’t get easily intimidated by bad weather, and it’s not a favorite of termites either. One of the best things about it is how versatile it is in terms of looks. Want a wood-like appearance without the worry of rotting? No problem! Or maybe a smooth, modern finish? It’s got you covered. 

Advanced Composite Siding

Advanced composite siding emulates the authentic aesthetics of real wood and is gaining prominence in both commercial and residential domains. Unlike traditional wood siding, composite siding stands resilient. This innovative siding is meticulously designed to endure extreme weather conditions, ensuring that structures retain their beauty and integrity. As the demands of modern construction evolve, it’s clear that solutions like advanced composite siding are setting the benchmark.

Advanced Composite Siding
Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

Versetta Stone is beautiful, mortarless, easy to install stone without all the mess and hassle of traditional stone. Available in three different styles, Ledgestone, Tight-Cut, and Carved Block, Versetta Stone panels are suitable for any design, style, or look you desire.

Strong and durable to look Fantastic. Quick and easy installation.